Big Bad Wolf Proof

Engineered to handle nearly anything mother nature can dish out

Different climates demand different engineering requirements. High elevation, high snowfall or high wind areas call for a different approach than tropical climates where high rainfall and hot temperatures determine the design elements of a yurt. In some cases a simple yurt structure with no engineering elements may be appropriate. Our experienced staff can help you decide which options are necessary in your situation. Either way, our Yurts are designed to handle hurricane force winds, seismic activity and ultra-deep snow loads.

Here are the packages that we offer:

  • CORR Brackets (Compression Ring to Rafter Brackets) – are the basic element of an engineered yurt. Strengthen the connection between the rafters and the compression ring and reduce the potential for rafter twist. CORR Brackets are an exclusive Colorado Yurt option.
  • Big Wind Package – includes a 2″x4″ perimeter stud under each yurt rafter. We recommend combining our CORR Brackets with a Big Wind Package to for a yurt that can withstand winds in excess of 90 mph, exposure C. Exposure C defines the most extreme conditions: flat open areas such as grasslands, coastal areas and above tree line. Yurts situated in the trees or protected areas can withstand even higher wind speeds.
  • Deep Powder Package – upgrade to 2″x6″ rafters (from the standard 2″x4″) to increase snow loading. Includes CORR Brackets.
  • Full Snow and Wind Package – combines 2″x6″ rafters and 2″x4″ perimeter studs for the highest level of load capability. Includes CORR Brackets.
  • Winter Stout Alpine Yurt Package – includes 2″x6″ rafters, 2″x4″ perimeter studs, CORR Brackets, an Alloy Compression Ring, a Center Support System and two rings of Rafter Blocking.

A Word About Snow Load Ratings

If snow load is a serious consideration in your area, we have several levels of upgrades to choose from. The snow load data below is for our CORR Bracket Upgrade, Deep Powder Package or Full Snow and Wind Upgrade. These are suitable for most situations. Ski resorts and other yurts at high elevation, especially if there will be times when the yurt is unheated, should consider the Winter Stout Alpine Yurt which can handle as much as 169 pounds per square foot (psf) of unbalanced snow load on a 30′ yurt. To find out what the requirements for snow loads are in your area try entering your zip code at If data for your area is not available on this site, try doing an internet search that includes the search words “your county your state building codes snow load”.

YURT DIAMETER 16′ 20′ 24′ 27′ 30′
Yurt with CORR Brackets and 2″x4″ Rafters 88 psf 49 psf 33 psf 19 psf 15 psf
Deep Powder Package with CORR Brackets and 2″x6″ Rafters 92 psf 70 psf 54 psf 44 psf 36 psf
Full Snow and Wind Package with CORR Brackets, 2″x6″ Rafters and 2″x4″ Studs at every rafter end 121 psf 98 psf 79 psf 59 psf 50 psf

*Engineering data is for reference only. Based on the assumption that the snow is loaded evenly across the roof. Combined and eccentric loads are not considered in this chart, but are taken into account on our Winter Stout Alpine Yurt data. Structural analysis is in accordance with the 1997 Edition of the Uniform Building Code and the 2006 International Building Code. Please call 800.288.3190 for more information.


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