Canvas tent, cheaper than an addition with many of the benefits.

My boss (and pal) Jennie has a Cimarron Platform Tent in her backyard.  The tent sits a mere ten yards from her lovely little home Montrose, CO. Montrose, as it happens, isn’t far from the mountains from which this line of tents takes it’s name. The Cimarrons!


Photo by Andrew Miller

As Jennie points out, her wall tent or “canvas bungalow,” solves a variety of space needs and adds a level of richness to her daily life.  Jennie uses her tent as:

  • A dinning room. Her home is less then 1000 square feet so; when she has a bunch of folks over for dinner it makes sense to seat all or some of them in the tent.
  • A kitchen. She cooks on a wood stove and on her Coleman gas range.
  • An escape to the great outdoors. The filtered natural light and breeze (when the side walls are rolled up) make guests think they’re miles from civilization.
  • A screened in porch. When it’s hot out Jennie likes to roll up all four sides of her tent and let the breeze drift through while she lounges in her rocker… Being a southerner it makes her feel right at home.
  • A guest bedroom. When she has guests, Jennie folds out her futon and lights the stove.  Her friends and family are happy year-round.

But don’t take my word for it, get a tour from Jennie herself!



Jennie’s tent is 14 ft by 16 ft. The platform tents come in:

  • 10’x12′, 4’6″ tall at the side wall, 9′ at the ridge
  • 12’x14′, 4’6″ tall at the side wall, 9′ at the ridge
  • 14’x16′, 5’0″ tall at the side wall, 10′ at the ridge
  • 16’x16′, 5’0″ tall at the side wall, 10′ at the ridge
  • and 16’x20′, 5’0″ tall at the side wall, 10′ at the ridge
  • custom sizes are also available

Folks use these semi-permanent tents to solve all kinds of problems.  Outdoors men and women use them as hunting stands that they can return to season after season. The “Tent and Breakfasts” Mary Jane’s Farm and Huckleberry use them as unique accommodation for their guests.  But these structures don’t need to be far from home… putting one in your backyard can bring the far out a little closer in.

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