Colorado Yurt Company and Reality TV

We recently had a very positive experience with reality television. No, we weren’t featured on Swamp People or Jersey Shore. A little classier programming for us- HGTV’s Design Star, in fact.

In the spring, we were approached by the producers of Design Star. They wanted to use yurts as the challenge format for their final three interior designers. We were intrigued- and thought it was a great opportunity to show a significant number of people our yurts.

Yurt in Colorado

Originally, the production company was going to buy the yurts. However, as we’ve seen in the past, the structures are often warehoused or discarded after the shoot is over. We thought that was a terrible waste of yurts. So, we arranged to “rent” the yurts to them. After the shoot, we brought them back to our shop and sold them at a discount (remember the “gently used yurt sale”?). This way- we were able to guarantee the yurts would be enjoyed for years to come.

Clint, Jon, Anna and Ricardo spent a couple of dreary rainy days in L.A. setting up the three yurts for the show. (Yes, we heard it never rains in Southern California- not true apparently). The skies cleared for the actual filming with the designers, and they did a pretty awesome job with the challenge- which was to create a luxury bedroom in a yurt.

We were excited to hear one designer say our company name on camera- and the film crew got a great close up of our logo. That night, after the episode first aired, our website lit up! A ton of people were intrigued by the yurts, and visited our site to learn more. We saw increased activity on the facebook page, and our phone has been ringing too.

So, we don’t think we’re ready to start appearing on Big Brother or Survivor- but we are really pleased with our brief foray into reality TV. Design Star did an exceptional job showcasing our yurts, we saw some creative solutions to the challenge and we had a blast with the whole experience.

Did you watch the show? You can watch it again this Saturday, July 24 at 8:00pm Eastern time. Or- here’s a link to the HGTV website- where you can see the episode online:


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6 Responses to Colorado Yurt Company and Reality TV

  1. Shaun Lyons says:

    I watched the show and loved the yurts! All three designers did such a nice job making them spectacular.

  2. Martha Cruse says:

    I am a big fan of design star – love the innovation of each of the contestants – thought this was a fabulous idea for the challenge – did not know this even existed – this yurt – a great marketing product for those “16” parties, weddings, romantice aniversaries, endless posibilities…best wishes…

  3. Eric says:

    Dan and Emma,

    I just saw the show … great publicity! I happy to see that more and more people are exposed to the terrific work you do.


  4. Reality TV says:

    Yeah the show was great and I too am a big fan of design star! The yurts they designed looked amazing, I would have never thought to have wanted to live in a yurt until I saw this show. Thanks for sharing the cool pictures, very inspirational!

  5. Jane Tyrrell says:

    What size was the yurt used? I loved Brittany’s design the best, but I thought they all showed the versatility of the yurts. Great publicity for you all.

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