Colorado Yurt Company and Sustainable Living Fair

We are longtime supporters of the Sustainable Living Fair in Fort Collins, Colorado. We host a yurt pitching workshop to kick off the fair, and have exhibited since 2005. It’s always a blast, and our staff covets the opportunity to “work” the fair.


The fair is a two day event; showcasing local foods, sustainable building, farming, recycling and more. The stage has a constant stream of amazing bands and inspiring speakers. There are workshops on everything from greenhouses to bluegrass. It’s an opportunity to learn and have fun. There’s a beer garden with some of Ft. Collins’ finest brews. And the crowd is diverse—from dreadlocks to cowboy hats.


Our yurt workshop is held Friday before the fair. We figure, since we are setting up a yurt for the fair, we might as well let people see how it’s done. Our theory is seeing a beautiful yurt go together will hook you. This has proven to be true; participants regularly say, “Wow, I can do this!” We’ve met great friends at the workshop and the fair, and we look forward to seeing them year after year.


This year was to be business as usual: the crew took off Wednesday with a 20’ yurt, display deck, furnishings, an 18’ tipi with poles and all the stuff for a workshop and a weekend of exhibiting. The plan was to set up the deck Thursday and be ready to roll Friday morning for the workshop.

Well, Mother Nature had other ideas. Thursday afternoon, the guys were working at the park in a light rain, when they got word to get out. Fast! The City ordered immediate evacuation of the park. Our crew loaded as much as they could as fast as they could.

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By Friday morning, the reality of the situation was clear. The park was under several feet of water, and the fair was cancelled. For many folks on the Front Range, Friday was the beginning of a nightmare.

We’re thankful our crew is safe and sound. Some people lost their lives, hundreds are missing and untold numbers lost their homes. Our friends at Sustainable Living lost their major source of income, threatening their existence.

We’d love to be back at the Sustainable Living Fair next September. We encourage contributions to their organization at:

To help with flood relief. See this list:

Thank you.

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