Colorado Yurt Company Says Good-by to One of Our Stars

Margaret Pritchard started working at Colorado Yurt Company in April of 1998, and she retired this week.



Margaret Pritchard

An experienced seamstress, Margaret quickly made a huge impact on our tipi department. She became supervisor of tipis and tents within two years. She was always a great teacher, patient mentor and organized leader. She started talking about retirement a few years ago, and decided to hand over the “boss” title to one of her protégés.  Both Henry and our current tipi/tent department head, Troy, learned from Margaret and stepped into the supervisor’s role with confidence. As a member of the team, Margaret continued her exceptional skill and eye for quality.

Tipi Team

The Tipi and Tent team

In retirement, Margaret will have more time to enjoy with her husband Bill (who recently retired from the Ute Indian Museum). They enjoy going to gun shows and yard sales, and will have more time to spend with family and friends. To be closer to the grandkids, they’ll be relocating to Colorado Springs. She will likely still sew for fun.


Margaret says she’ll miss the people at Colorado Yurt Company the most. She won’t miss the early morning start to the day for sure.

We will miss her always-cheerful attitude, her hard work and dedication to our company and her skill and leadership.

We wish you well, dear Margaret. Stop by and say “hi” once in awhile.

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