Camp Tipi

Colorado Yurt Company is committed to the summer camp experience. We support ACA, YMCA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and CCCA camps with generous camp discounts and charitable giving programs such as our “Send a Child to Camp” fund. We also display at conventions and conferences.

Here is a story from the lucky camp who won an Earthworks tipi at ACA Tri-State, Camp Amy Molson in Canada:

I remember it started at the ACA Tri-state conference in March, 2011. Colorado Yurt Company was giving away a tipi at the conference. They had distributed tickets at dinner, and after what seemed to take forever, they started the raffle. When it was tipi time, they began calling out numbers to announce the winner. First call, no one comes forward with the winning ticket. Second try… no one claims it again. Then, they call out 9091146….I looked in my hands and saw that I had the winning raffle ticket. I showed the other members from my camp who were sitting with me and they all began to whoop and cheer. We could all think of the great possibilities this tipi would present to our camp and our campers. Also…it just feels great to win.

Brian, Cliff and the crew from Camp Amy Molson at ACA Tri-State.

Flash forward to 5:30 a.m. weeks later, the day a group of campers, staff and our maintenance director (Dave) would head out into the woods (or the bush as Dave affectionately refers to it) to put up the tipi. We had been talking for days with Dave about locations where we could set it up. Finally the big day came, and armed with our willpower and a camper who claimed to have a background in erecting tipis, we trudged off into the early morning. 

At first, we were faced with positioning and placement of the insanely long tipi poles but in the end we figured it out. As it turns out our camper who claimed to know how to set it up really did know a thing or two.

Getting the poles in place.

The tipi has really become an integral part of our camp. For a camp that serves underprivileged kids from the city, it’s nice to have something new and exciting to offer. This is just another reason for our campers to get out of the city, away from their troubles, and to experience nature in a unique way. Most of our campers and staff have had the opportunity to visit the site and enjoy the tipi. We’ve also had our fair share of staff and campers embrace the chance to spend a night in our new accommodations. Our activity leaders have taken to using the Tipi site (dubbed site 4) for activities, offering a change of atmosphere. Our campers and staff all love it, and of course that small group of us who woke up early in the morning have something to be proud of. 

Good ole 9091146…Camp Amy Molson’s lucky number.

Hooray! A tipi!

Camp Amy Molson is a residential camp for inner-city Montreal children, aged 5 to 13 years old. Their mission is to provide underprivileged children with a happy, outdoor holiday where campers can build self-esteem, develop positive relationships and learn valuable life skills in a context that promotes group learning and nurtures each child individually. Camp Amy Molson is located in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, Quebec.

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