Postcard from a (yurt dwelling) friend

I recently received this e-post card from Samantha.  I blogged about Sam and her husband Duncan about a year ago when they were just settling into their yurt in the American Southeast.  Now they’re settled!  They live in a 30 ft yurt and a smaller yurt serves as a washroom and utility closet.

Dear Folks at CYC,

The last year of living in our yurts has been quite interesting and enjoyable. We added the deck this spring and it has made it a complete and very livable space—more welcoming for guests since there is more room to move around and spread out.


We also completed all the inside walls, and finished our main decoration projects, including the wood-burned headboard for the bed. We’re comfy; we added a couch and padded the loft.  We’re living and relaxing without constantly being in “project mode.”

The most surprising thing about being in a yurt is just how cozy it is; at the same time how open, light, and airy it feels. Our expectations were much exceeded.  It’s also amazing to watch just how much we can fit into it with creative use of space and choices of furniture.  Cooling it in the hot weather has been a challenge, mostly figuring out how to put in an A/C unit without a stable window (we got a free describe the imagestanding unit with a flexible outlet tube and set it between the lattice and screen window to vent, and we just rig the fabric and vinyl around it to make it mostly air-tight).  We’re working out a balance between use of this unit and effective use of doors and windows to catch the breeze. Heating has been relatively easy, as it stays cozy and warm in the winter. Also, it fascinates us how many small spaces the bugs and spiders manage to find. It’s a good thing we don’t mind sharing our living space! We also now have a Great Dane addition to our household, who is a year old now and quite large. So that brings our total to two humans, two dogs, and two cats in a two-yurt setup!

When friends and curious observers come by to visit, they are often pleasantly front gatesurprised how nice it feels inside, even if they were a little skeptical before arriving. It’s fun to share our place and encourage people to explore yurt living. In response to many requests, we finally made a video tour that we could post on youtube. Eventually we’ll add another yurt to expand our space, and we may try to enclose the space between the two current yurts when we make that addition so we won’t have the inconvenience of going into the elements on our way to the bathroom. Overall though, we have been VERY happy with our home and plan to enjoy it for MANY many years to come!

Samantha & Duncan
(& Maracuja, Ivie, Kudzu, and Meremia)

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