Really? A $75,000 yurt?

I don’t know why—(maybe it’s because I like to think of my Prius as a Ferrari)—but those marketing geniuses at Neiman Marcus always send me their big-deal Christmas catalogue. You know the one, it offers things like vintage speedboats and dinner dates with royalty . So yesterday, as I walked from my mailbox with a wad of utility bills under my arm, I flipped through the N-M catalogue and I saw where you can get a $75,000 yurt.

I already know where you can get a yurt for well under $75,000, decked-out just the way you’d like it and send a needy kid to camp.

I suggest our popular twenty-foot yurt. That’s about 60 square feet bigger than the one at Neiman’s. You can get our full snow and wind load package (we’ve got the best engineering in the business) and great options like French doors, full insulation, and an operable skylight, (and choose from 20+ colors for no extra charge). You’re at about $11,500. Add our insulated-panel modular deck and you’re up-and-running for well under $20k.

We favor going to your local craftsperson, interior designer or antique dealer for décor. Use your imagination and make it your own. We can even help with some suggested floor plans, if you wish.

Beautiful yurt interior

To get your own designer yurt, call us at The Colorado Yurt Company. 800-288-3190. If you’re calling between 8 and 5 mountain time, you’ll likely get an actual person answering the phone (unlike, ahem, a catalogue in Dallas).

another great interior

You just saved thousands of dollars! So, why not send a needy kid to summer camp through one of The Colorado Yurt Company’s favorite charities, American Camp Association’s “Send a Child to Camp”? For the fifty-thousand you just saved, you could send kids to camp with their own yurt! Or buy a yurt from us before Christmas and we’ll donate 5% of your purchase to the ACA and send a needy child to camp.

yurts at summer camp

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