Service with a Smile: We design, deliver and install yurts, tipis and tents

We want your structure to be perfect for you, so we craft each one to your specifications. Did you know we also have several “extra” services available?

Do you need engineering calculations or a site specific report for your building department? We can do that. Our basic engineering is available to customers, or for a fee, you can order “wet stamped” engineering. We can usually get most state-licensed wet stamped plans (with enough time).

CORR brackets on a yurt- the start of our engineering.

What about the platform for your yurt or tent? We have platform plans available to download on our website. These are suggested plans for the supporting structure under your yurt or tent. We can also advise on other types of decks or platforms.

Do you want a tipi that is uniquely yours? We offer tipi painting. We have a catalog online to choose your design or custom designs are also available. Just tell us your vision, and we’ll design and paint it on your tipi.

Custom painted tipi 

Do you have a yurt, tipi or tent that needs repair? We are happy to take a look at it and see if we can fix it for you. If not, we’re always happy to make replacement canvas, whether it’s a new wall and roof to have your yurt looking brand new or new cover for your tipi.

Do you live in the Rocky Mountain region? It might be to your advantage to have our truck and trailer bring your yurt to you. In many cases, it’s less expensive than shipping.

Do you think you need a hand setting it up? Even though we send complete instructions, we understand the process might be a bit foreign to most. We have several ways to help you:

First, we are always happy to give you advice over the phone or via email. We have people on staff who are experienced at setting up yurts, tipis and tents- and can explain the process to you.

Putting on the roof

Do you have a group of friends who are willing to help set up a yurt? Maybe you just need some expertise? We have a great service called “expert assist”. That’s where we send one bossy, but knowledgeable, guy to help your crew do it right. He’ll pitch in and help, while teaching you the steps to getting it done the Colorado Yurt way.

Yurt in progress

If you don’t have a willing group of helping hands, we can send an entire crew to help. Whether it’s a couple of guys to set up a tipi, or an entire crew to set up a whole village of yurts- we can provide the service you need. You can sit back and watch or join in and help.

Our goal is to get your yurt, tipi or tent made exactly the way you want it, delivered to your door safely and pitched correctly. Give us a call to let us know how we can help and get a quote on our extra services. That way you can sit back, admire your new yurt, tipi or tent and start enjoying.


tent interior at Mary Jane’s Farm in Idaho

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