Share the Love. Share your yurt, tipi or tent!

Share the love! Share your yurttipi or tent!

We are searching for customers with hospitality and (or) a story to share.

We have found the best way to sell our practical shelters is to get people in to them! So many people hear the word “yurt” and their immediate response is, “What’s a yurt?” With tipis and tents, we don’t see the same confusion, but most people have never stood inside a tipi and felt the energy of that space.

tipi interior

One of our slogans is, “Get out in one!” We want folks to do that all over the country! Not everyone can make the trek to western Colorado to see our display yurts and tipi, which is why we need some help from our friends.

CYC campus

We have list of yurts and tipis to visit on our website, and it’s time to update that list (and add a list of tents). To help us with this list, we’re putting out a call to our customers. We’re looking for friendly, hospitable people with yurts, tipis and/or tents that our potential customers could come and visit.

Do you have a camp, classroom, studio, shop, guesthouse… that is a good representation of our product? Is it in an easy-to-reach place that could be available most of the time? Yes? We’ll be happy to include you on our list.

Our second project is: telling your stories. We’d like to use our blog to talk about our customers and the creative ways you are using our products.

What are you doing? Bed and breakfast? Yoga studio? Therapy practice? Pool house? Rendevous weekends? Hunting camp? Ski hut? Mountain cabin? Beach house?maryjane's farm

There are so many different uses for tipis, tents and yurts. Please tell us your story. Share the details- why did you decide upon your shelter? How did you set it up to meet your needs? Why does our product work for you?

Please help us spread the word about our yurts/tipis/tents. We’ll proudly share your story and show off our products to the world!





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