Twenty-five Years of Yurt Building at Colorado Yurt Company

A lot has changed at Colorado Yurt Company in the past 25 years. There have been 4 different locations and a couple different logos. The number of employees has gone from less-than-ten to over thirty.

Colorado Yurt Company will not be the same.

But, one thing hasn’t changed in 25 years. Clint Huddleston has come to work every day to put his skill and dedication to work for the company. He builds yurts, sews tipis and tents, pitches all three, packs them for shipping, maintains the equipment and happily answers countless questions about our products from new staff and customers.


Clint is a California guy at heart.  His childhood was spent surfing the waves off Huntington Beach and riding motorcycles. After a stint in the US Navy, he met a woman from Colorado. Laura grew up in Ouray, CO and wanted to live in the mountains she loved. So, the California guy followed his heart, and moved to the San Juan mountains to marry her. They raised three kids- and are now proud grandparents of two very adorable little girls.

These days, Clint rides his dirt bike over mountain passes and takes a surfing vacation back to California every year- to keep his first love in his life.

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At Colorado Yurt Company, Clint is an integral part of our business. He knows about the product, understands the process of building a quality yurt, tipi or tent and is a reliable, conscientious manager who is a great example to the rest of the crew.

Clint has had some memorable moments over the years, from attending trade shows to setting up tents for celebrity weddings. His favorite jobs were a yurt pitch on Laguna Beach in 2001 and repairing tents with Dan in Playa del Carmen, Mexico (a beach location seems to be the common factor). He’s traveled from California to Florida and Mexico to Canada working for Colorado Yurt.

Colorado Yurt crew and How It's Made crew.

Clint has especially enjoyed the people he’s met over the years and the variety of experiences he’s had in his job. He says, “It’s always an adventure.”

We’re lucky to have him as part of the CYC family, and look forward many more years.



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