Tipi Pitching Accessories

Tipi Pitching Accessory Details

Pitching Instructions – Complete tipi pitching instructions with measurements for tipi pole placement, directions for lifting your cover and lots of practical tips and diagrams. Also includes helpful information on wood stove installation and deck construction. Instructions can be previewed here.

Manila Ropes – These are used to tie the poles together and secure your smoke flaps. Finished with a brass fitting to prevent unraveling.

Lacing Pins – Hand peeled, willow lacing pins weave the lacing pin holes together up the front of the tipi holding the two sides securely together.

Hardwood Stakes – Made of oak for strength and longevity. Deck anchoring kits and steel stakes are available at an extra cost.

Tipi Cover & Liner Storage Bags – Included with every tipi cover and liner purchased.


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