Custom Features

Colorado Yurt Custom Features

With a wide array of options to choose from, you can truly customize your yurt. Give our friendly, experienced staff a call. We would love to help you come up with an option package that matches your needs, your land and your climate perfectly. Some of our most popular yurt options are listed below.

CORR Brackets – this exclusive Colorado Yurt option dramatically strengthens the connection between the compression ring and the rafters. CORR Brackets are the basic element of an engineered yurt.

Snow, Wind and Insulation Packages – engineered yurts to fit your specific climate demands.

Additional Windows and Doors – more light, more ventilation, more views.

Euro-Dome Lifter – allows you to raise and lower the dome from floor level using a hand-held winding brace. Includes our exclusive aluminum Z Bracket (see photo).

Duro-Last Roof – our premier roof fabric, is a .040 mil (37 oz.) polymer. This material comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty from Duro-Last. Warranty is 10 years on yurts that will be located outside of the U.S.A.

Bottom Color Band – Add an accent to the bottom of your yurt with a color band.

Cistern System – Collect rainwater with our Cistern System. Our roof valance forms a trough using custom made hardware. The trough catches all the water running off the yurt roof. We provide bulkhead fittings to insert into the bottom of the trough to drain the water. Piping and storage tank are not provided.

Natural Wood Finish – All wood components in Colorado Yurts are treated with premium quality “DuckBack” penetrating oil for an outstanding, durable finish. Interior components are finished with transparent waterborne resins and pigment. Our clear, vertical grain doors are brushed with an oil based transparent finish for a clear, deep and durable sheen.

Stainless Steel Hardware Packages – Available for your doors and dome. Perfect for tropical climates.

Handicap Access – Levered doorknobs, grab bars, and tread-plate door thresholds are among the items available to create barrier-free yurts. Individuals and organizations with handicap access needs should contact our design staff to discuss their specific requirements.


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