Snow and Wind

Colorado Yurt Snow and Wind Packages

Different climates demand different engineering requirements. High elevation, high snowfall or high wind areas call for a different approach than tropical climates where high rainfall and hot temperatures determine the design elements of a yurt. In some cases a simple yurt structure with no engineering elements may be appropriate. Our experienced staff can help you decide which options are necessary in your situation.

CORR Brackets (Compression Ring to Rafter Brackets) – strengthen the connection between the rafters and the compression ring and reduce the potential for rafter-twist. CORR Brackets are an exclusive Colorado Yurt option.

Deep Powder Package – upgrade to 2″x6″ rafters (from the standard 2″x4″) to increase snow loading. Includes CORR Brackets.

Big Wind Package – a 2″x4″ perimeter stud under each standard 2″x4′” yurt rafter.

Full Snow and Wind Package – combines 2″x6″ rafters and 2″x4″ perimeter studs for the highest level of load capability. Includes CORR Brackets.

Winter Stout Alpine Yurt Package – includes 2″x6″ rafters, 2″x4″ perimeter studs, CORR Brackets, an Alloy Compression Ring, a Center Support System and two levels of Rafter Blocking. Click here for more information.

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