Getting Started

How Will You Use Your Yurt?

The manner you plan to use your yurt will play a primary role in what size you choose and your heating and cooling considerations. Will your yurt be a primary residence, a vacation retreat, an office? Will you have just a few people there at a time or the whole gang? Will you use your yurt mostly in the winter as a cross country ski hut or perhaps in the summer by the lake? Or year `round?

Do-It-Yourself or Hire Someone?

Do you (or your friends) have some basic carpentry skills/tools and an adventurous spirit? Would physical limitations or a busy schedule make it difficult to build your platform and set up your yurt? How simple or elaborate do you want to get with your platform? These are all things to consider when deciding whether to do-it-yourself or hire a contractor. Many of our customers decide to put their yurt up themselves and build their own platforms (see our pitching instructions here). We are happy to send a crew to set up your yurt or an expert to guide your own crew. Hiring the Colorado Yurt Company for the project, can become cost prohibitive if the yurt site is over five hours from our shop in Montrose, Colorado. Have a question? Click on the link below for are most frequently asked questions.
Helpful Yurt Frequently Asked Questions

Environmental Factors

Consider the type of weather your yurt will be exposed to. High ultra-violet exposure or extreme humidity will affect your fabric choices. Harsh temperatures, considerable snow accumulation or high winds will be important factors in determining your upgrades. Environmental factors also come into play when determining your yurt site, consider flood plain, slope, and that great view to best situate your yurt on your property and to determine what type of platform is best. Click on the links below to find out more:
Colors and Fabrics

Snow and Wind Packages

Platform Options

We can provide you with free plans for either a simple yurt platform or an oversized deck platform. The simple platform is circular in shape and the same diameter as your yurt. It includes a small porch at the front door. The oversized deck plan places the circular, raised area for the yurt on top of a square deck and allows room around the yurt for a sitting area and easy access to your window flaps. You can use either wood or recycled decking material, such as Trex, to build either of these yurt platforms. Some yurt customers pour a concrete, circular pad the same diameter as their yurt. Concrete platforms are not included in the yurt platform plans. Colorado Yurt does offer a complete deck made from structural insulated panels (SIPs panels) for purchase. Please call 800.288.3190 for details and pricing. The link below provides you with more information as well as downloadable pdf files of deck plans:
Platform Downloadable Plans

SIPs pricelist


You may be required to get your yurt permitted as a temporary or permanent structure. Building codes vary greatly from area to area. We can provide you with platform plans, fabric details and engineering specs to help you. Check with your local permitting authorities to confirm their requirements. If you are in an area unfamiliar to yurts, you may want to take our brochure with you when you inquire about permitting. Request a free brochure.

Additional Costs

The cost of the yurt itself generally ranges from around $5,300 – $18,000 depending on size and upgrades. Other costs you may incur are shipping, land, platform, interior furnishings and electric, solar or plumbing installations. Call 800.288.3190 for a free shipping estimate. As a distributor for SunMar composting toilets as well as various solar packages, we can also help you determine your needs and costs in these areas.


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