The Foundation of Every Great Yurt Is a Great Deck

The yurt deck is not included with your Colorado Yurt package. Several recommendations are listed below, and we are happy to send you free deck plans that will help you or your contractor build a deck perfectly designed to accommodate your yurt. Just give us a call at 800.288.3190.

Download Free Yurt Deck Plans

Simple Yurt Deck

The simple deck is a structure, circular in shape, and the same diameter as your yurt. It can have a small porch area at the front door. This simple yurt deck is a great choice if you are on a budget, need to fit the yurt into a tight location or are siting the yurt on a slope. It also leaves a very light footprint and can be easily deconstructed should you ever move your yurt.

From Dirt to Yurt is a great slideshow sent to us by Jim Cross detailing how he built his simple deck.

Extended Yurt Deck

The extended deck places the circular, raised area for the yurt on top of a square deck and allows room around the yurt for sitting areas and easy access to your window flaps. Wood and/or recycled decking material such as Trex can be used to build this yurt deck. This type of deck works well if you are siting your yurt on a slope.

Concrete Pad

If the location for you have chosen for your yurt is flat and you have room for a concrete truck to access the area, you may choose to pour a circular concrete pad to place your yurt on. It should be the same diameter as your yurt and have a flexible bender board attached around the outside of the platform. There are many new paint and stain treatments that can be applied to concrete or mixed in. Several of our customers who have chosen to use this type of platform have utilized in-floor radiant heat.

SIPs Deck

The SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) Deck is very similar to the simple yurt deck in shape and size. It is a ready made deck that comes in rectangular pieces that fit together tongue and groove style. The pieces are constructed of an insulating layer of foam sandwiched between two pieces of plywood. A great choice for convenience. It leaves a light footprint and can be easily deconstructed and relocated. You may purchase a SIPs deck sized for your yurt from The Colorado Yurt Company. Please call 800.288.3190 or e-mail for details and pricing.

SIPs pricing

Deck FAQs

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions with regard to decks:

What kind of deck does my yurt require?
Your yurt is designed to be built on a circular, raised deck that is the same diameter as your yurt. The deck will have a flexible bender board attached around the outside and extending a few inches above the deck floor. The lattice walls of the yurt connect to the floor of the deck with L brackets and the fabric walls are attached to the bender board with screws. Your deck may stand alone or may be placed on top of an over-sized deck giving you room on the outside for sitting areas and making it easier to roll up the window flaps.  If your landscape is fairly level, a concrete circular platform is also an option. You are responsible for building the deck. It is not included in your yurt kit. We are happy to provide you deck plans for both a simple, circular wood deck or a circular wood deck with extended deck. These are especially useful in helping calculate your deck costs.

Will my yurt come with a floor?
You are responsible for the flooring in your yurt. Tongue and groove wood flooring is most often used, however other flooring materials such as tile or linoleum can be installed if a subfloor is laid first. Rigid foam insulation can be used under the yurt floor as well. If keeping the cost down is a concern, a simple plywood floor is a good option. This can be painted or stenciled to add your own special touch.

Can my yurt sit directly on the ground?
The yurt does not maintain its structural integrity if placed directly on the ground.


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