Yurt Pitching

Pitching Your Yurt

Your Colorado Yurt will come with step by step instructions. Reading over the instructions before setting up the yurt and designating a primary instruction reader during the yurt raising will save you any “do overs” and head scratching. Phone support is also available Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST at 800.288.3190.

If you’ve misplaced your instructions, you can see them here.

View a time lapse of a yurt pitch at Mother Earth News Fair in Lawrence, KS

From Dirt to Yurt is a great slideshow sent to us by Jim Cross. It is especially helpful in seeing one of the ways you can build a platform.

In a nutshell, here’s how you raise a yurt.

Gather some friends. Three to five seems to be the ideal number. This will be dependent on the size of your yurt.

After your deck and doorframe have been installed, stretch out the lattice yurt wall like a baby gate around the edge of the your circular platform.

Clamp both ends of the lattice yurt wall to the door to complete the circle.

Lay the tensioning cable into the top of the lattice running it in and out of the open V formed where the lattice pieces cross one another at the top edge.

Raise the compression ring using step ladders or by attaching a few rafters (16′ and 20′ yurts) or by using scaffolding (24′, 27, and 30, yurts). You may rent scaffolding or follow the instructions in the set up manual to build your own.

Connect the yurt rafters one at a time to the compression ring in the center and the to the cable around the edges. This completes the framework.

If you have roof insulation, put it in place on top of the rafters.

Lift the yurt roof covering up through the compression ring and spread it out over the rafters.

Fasten the yurt wall cover to the roof and door frame using our exclusive, tight fitting Colorado Yurt fastening system.

Secure the yurt dome to the top of the compression ring.

If you have wall insulation, slide the panels up between the fabric wall cover and the lattice wall.

Attach the bottom of the fabric wall cover to your platform.


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