Stovepipe Install

Stovepipe Installation

*Please adhere to stove manufacturer’s instructions regarding clearance to combustibles.

Center the stovepipe outlet on a rivet in the lattice wall approximately 56″ above the floor. This may be a little higher or lower based on the height of your stove the length of your stove pipe, but should be centered on a lattice wall rivet.

Cut and remove the lattice pieces around the center rivet using a small hand saw. Cut flush with the next crossing piece of lattice. You will be removing and “X” from the lattice wall (see second photo above)

Poke a hole through the fabric wall at the center mark of the lattice opening you just cut out. Use a nail or other sharp object. This will allow you to determine the center of the stovepipe outlet from the outside of the yurt.

Cut and remove an 18″x18″ square of fabric centering the square over your nail hole. Use scissors or a utility knife. If you have insulation, cut the fabric, insulation and insulation liner fabric separately.

Mark the eight bolt holes and poke holes through the fabric using one of the sheet metal plates as a template. Poke through the fabric with a nail or other sharp object.

Push the bolts through the eight bolt holes in the fabric from the inside of the yurt.

Place the other sheet metal plate over the bolts from outside the yurt and secure with the wing nuts provided. There will be an x marked in one corner of the inside sheet metal piece and the outside sheet metal piece of your stovepipie outlet. Make sure you match these two corners up when you place the outside piece on the bolts.

Click here for a diagram of a typical stove installation

We highly recommend Dura-tech stove pipe made by Simpson Dura-vent. It is a brand most reputable retail stove outlets will carry. There are helpful instructions on page 16 of the DuraTech Chimney Installation Guide. They fall under the heading of Tee-supported Installations. You will need to adapt them slightly for your yurt, but it will give you a good general idea of the process.

Also, check out the folks at Inside and Out Hearth and Patio. They carry Jotul, one of our favorite stove brands.


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