Lattice, Rafters, and Cable

Colorado Yurt Lattice Wall

All Colorado Yurts lattice walls are made from clear, vertical grain Douglas fir. Each piece of lattice in the yurt wall is sanded to exact engineered specifications for perfect rivet connection and performance. Alloy rivets with stainless steel back-up washers fasten every lattice interval. Lattice is oiled with a durable penetrating oil for a beautiful finish.

Colorado Yurt Standard Rafters

Colorado Yurts standard rafters are constructed of select 2″x4″s. Each rafter is machine stress rated to a bending strength of 2100 pounds per square inch. Every yurt rafter is milled for a soft round over and notched to lock over the main cable with embedded brass threads and a keeper screw. The standard rafter attaches to the compression ring with a metal pin.

Upgrade your Yurt with CORR brackets or our snow or wind packages

Colorado Yurt Tensioning Cable

The main cable of the yurt is 3/16”galvanized aircraft cable, encased in a protective covering. It has a break strength of 4200 pounds. Heavy duty cable bands are provided when wind load studs are not included to secure the cable in the lattice to prevent wind lift.


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