Ring and Dome

Colorado Yurt Compression Ring

Exclusively from the Colorado Yurt Company, our engineered compression ring is cut from two twelve-sided polygons of clear Douglas fir. The yurt compression ring is three inches thick and five feet in diameter. Strong and beautiful—worthy of being the focal point of a Colorado Yurt. The rafters attach by pin to the compression ring. For an engineered yurt, substitute CORR Brackets for the pin connection.

Colorado Yurt Dome

The domed yurt skylight is ¼” thick pure acrylic. Testing indicates that pure acrylic outlasts other clear polymers when exposed to the elements for five years or more. All yurts come with a dome that measures five-feet across and 16-inches tall. Its construction includes a flange and down-turned edge. The yurt dome fastens in six places to the compression ring with stainless steel expansion springs and four stainless steel cables for an outstanding weather-tight fit.

Colorado Yurt Ring and Dome Upgrades

We offer a number of upgrades to your compression ring and dome. Click here for more information.


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