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Secret Creek Marketing Partnership Program

Do you own one of our products? Would you like your business featured or promoted on our website, blog, and social media? Let’s co-market together without additional marketing costs.

One of the major benefits of co-marketing is that businesses can double up on audiences. This is done by sharing the finished product or campaign with fans of both companies. But not only that, it even creates customer loyalty and can give each brand a stronger voice.

You win, we win. What’s there not to like?

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What is Co-Marketing?

The concept is simple enough: working side-by-side with another brand is a way for both parties to introduce themselves to new audiences, drive additional revenue and build awareness. Everybody wins, right?

While the concept isn’t exactly groundbreaking, co-marketing relationships are totally different from the typical partnerships we see brands make today (such as affiliate programs, brand ambassadorships or influencer marketing).



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