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Interior Canvas Components

Ensure Comfort and Protection

Unseen from the outside, several fabric components are interior to the tipi cover. These features provide various ways to ensure your comfort and protection.

Liner, Ozan & Floor Cover

Tipi Liner

A liner is an interior cloth wall that insulates and controls airflow in the tipi. A properly pitched tipi cover is staked a few inches off the ground. The liner hangs from the inside of the tipi poles and extends to the ground, sealing the bottom of the lodge. Cool outside air is drawn under the cover and channels up through the smoke flaps, taking the smoke out with it. The liner also helps prevent condensation and is sometimes called a “dew cloth.”

Liner details include:


The liner is made of 100% cotton army duck, marine boatshrunk fabric. It is water and mildew repellent and can be purchased with or without flame retardant treatment.


A six foot liner is available for all tipi sizes. A taller, nine foot liner is available on tipis 18’ and larger.


Liners are constructed in three overlapping sections which tie together. Very large tipis may have four panels. They are sized to fit snugly and provide a double inner door.

Ties and Rope

All ties are heavy weight and feature flat-felled vertical seams. Rope is provided for tying the liner to the poles.

Standard and Extended Ozan

The ozan is an interior drop ceiling or inside rain cover that forms a canopy over the back third of the tipi behind the fire. It holds in heat and shelters the living area below. We also offer an extended ozan for superior rain protection which reaches all the way across the tipi using a pulley system. The ozan is constructed of flame resistant, 10 ounce Sunforger material. This 100% cotton army duck, marine boatshrunk fabric is water and mildew repellent.

Ties and Ropes

Rope is provided for tying the ozan to the poles. All ties are heavy weight.

Floor Cover

The floor cover, made of heavy-duty, 10 ounce tarp grade duck, is flame resistant and more mildew resistant than other materials you might use for a floor. Floor covers are tan in color.

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