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Yurt Basics

Beautiful Symmetry

The structural integrity of a yurt is based on a beautiful symmetry of compression and tension working together to form a freestanding, clear span structure.

At the top of the yurt is arguably one of its focal features – the dome and compression ring. From this centering place, perched above the center of the room, all of the wooden rafters and lattice radiate in a geometrically-poetic marriage of physics and aesthetics. It sounds complicated, but it’s absolutely breathtaking in person (and chest-opening too since everyone always looks up the first time they enter).

Yurts can be used for a multitude of events and activities: homes, rentals, classrooms, wedding venues, ski area huts, summer camps – the list is endless. Anyone who needs shelter on their desired patch of planet Earth can benefit from the beautiful, safe, durable solution of a yurt. Create lasting memories in a shelter that fosters a strong sense of place.

Quality & Craftsmanship

Colorado Yurts have “best in class” features that have been refined and perfected over several decades in the business. Our yurt designs are rugged, thoughtful, beautiful and intelligent, and we’re proud of the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every one of our handcrafted yurts.

What's Involved in a Yurt Project?

Feeling inspired, but you don’t know where to start? Not only do we love building yurts, we love helping people realize their dreams of owning a yurt by offering tips and advice every step of the way. Start here to learn what’s involved in a yurt project.

Visit A Yurt

Visit us in Montrose, Colorado with our exciting Visit or Stay program, or visit a yurt closer to you by tapping into our network of yurt owners around the world.

Request a Brochure

Intrigued, but definitely not ready to commit, or just yurt-curious?

Request a brochure, a seed of daydreaming inspiration to help kickstart your journey to yurt ownership. Plant it on your bulletin board, vision board, coffee table, fridge or anywhere else you collect plans for the future. Or save the paper (it’s a digital brochure) and make it your computer wallpaper.

Start Your Journey Now!

Are you ready to imagine your yurt? Explore and discover your dream yurt package now.

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Feeling inspired? Contact us to talk to one of our skilled Sales Guides. They can guide you to realizing your yurt dreams!

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