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Deck Designs

Understand Your Needs

Want a heated concrete platform for your yurt, or an extended deck to place a few chairs? Either way, you’re going to need to arrange for something to place your yurt upon. We don’t supply decking, unless you want the SIPs deck mentioned below, so it’s important to understand what you’ll need to arrange for before your yurt is pitched.


SIPs Deck

The SIPs (structural insulated panels) deck provides additional insulation from the ground and airtight draft protection. They are also more easily deconstructed and relocated, and leave a light footprint on the land. SIPs decks are similar to the simple yurt deck in shape and size and are easy to build by fitting them together, tongue and groove style. You may purchase a SIPs deck from Secret Creek. Please call us for current SIPs prices and detailed specs.


Simple Yurt Deck

The simple deck is a round structure the same diameter as your yurt. It can have a small porch area at the front door. The simple yurt deck is a great choice if you are on a budget or need to fit the yurt into a tight spot. It also leaves a very light footprint and can be easily deconstructed should you ever move your yurt.


Extended Yurt Deck

The extended deck places the circular, raised area for the yurt on top of a larger deck. This gives you extra room around the yurt for extending your outside living. It also provides easy access to your window flaps. An extended yurt deck can be built with wood and/or recycled decking material such as Trex.


Concrete Pad

If the location you have chosen for your yurt is flat (and you have room for a concrete truck to access the area) you may choose to pour a circular concrete pad to place your yurt on. It should be the same diameter as your yurt and have a flexible bender board attached around the outside of the platform. Some of our customers have chosen this type of platform so they can install in-floor radiant heat.

Deck Plans

Need more details to build the perfect deck to complement your yurt? Explore some of our most suggested deck plans.

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