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Yurt Questions Answered: Aren’t All Yurts the Same?

When people learn about yurts, they usually go through several stages of yurt-exploration. Starting with “Those are so cool!” and ending up with “Where should I buy my yurt?” For some, they shop based on price without looking at what they actually get for the money.

First, let’s get it out there, Colorado Yurt Company yurts are not the least expensive. We pride ourselves on engineering, quality materials, and customer satisfaction. We are proud of our over 40 year reputation. We make a yurt that goes together smoothly and lasts a really long time. Our prices are competitive, and we strive to make our yurts a great value.

When you look at yurts, the comparison is not really like apples to oranges. It’s more like comparing those tiny apples in the red net bag to the fresh, big, yummy apples straight from the orchard. In other words, we give you a quality yurt – the best quality yurt, in fact.

There are two distinctions in yurt makers- the engineered yurt and the yurt without engineering. The difference is the ability to meet building codes and give snow and wind load ratings. Our yurts are the best engineered yurts you can buy. We give you real numbers, based on our engineers’ calculations. Our base loads are impressive, but we can also provide site specific calculations considering your location’s unique characteristics*. So, when you go to sleep in your Colorado Yurt, you worry if that snow on the roof is going to end up on your feet.

We throw in tons of extras at no charge:

When you pitch your Colorado Yurt, you’ll appreciate:

We’re experienced with shipping all over the world, and our customer satisfaction is second to none. Our company’s reputation is everything. We don’t want to be known as the cheapest yurt maker. We strive every day to be known as the best yurt maker.

*There is a charge for site-specific and wet-stamped engineering.

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