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This is Secret Creek

Formerly Colorado Yurt Company

Nature for All
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Secret Creek Shares

Introducing our "Nonprofit Nature for All!" Initiative

As the holiday season approaches, we’re all in for a little adventure in giving back.

We’re offering nonprofit organizations, during a special campaign, to celebrate the work you do in serving your clients. Let’s team up and create a win-win situation!

Click below to learn how we can help you bring extrordinary outdoor experiences to you clients and help others find their own personal secret creek!

Learn About Nature For All!


Colorado Yurts


Earthworks Tipis


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Colorado Yurts

Our next-generation yurts take all the ingenuity of ancient structural designs and add engineered strength, durable outdoor fabrics, and the same handcrafted quality we’ve been crafting for decades!

It’s full of ideas that will inspire and motivate your own dreams from building your first yurt house or yurt cabin to designing your ideal camping yurt where you can choose to fully lean into rugged simplicity or luxurious glamping. Yurts reflect the personalities of the people who love them — explore your nature! Build your Yurt Kit today!

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Want more inspiration? Download our product brochure

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Solutions for Businesses

Whether you’re designing a large-scale site, creating an outdoor business, hatching an outdoor education space, or bootstrapping to become an entrepreneur, we’re here to help you provide options for your clients and customers.

Ask us how we can partner with your business or start-up to make all of your entrepreneurial or industry dreams come true. Contact us to learn more.

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Questions? Comments? Looking for advice? Reach out to our skilled Sales Guides now!

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Try Before You Buy

Not quite sure about buying a yurt, tipi, or tent?

Why not stay in one and experience it for yourself?!  See the Secret Creek video here.  Our village offers the full benefits of experiencing a unique stay right here at our headquarters in Montrose, Colorado. Our Purpose at Secret Creek is to inspire outdoor connections through outdoor education and experiences. So what are you waiting for? “Get Out in One!”   Read program details here.

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Feeling inspired? Dreaming of your secret creek? Ready to discover your nature? We'll guide you to realizing your dreams!

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