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Tipi Painting

Tell A Story
Customize your Tipi with a

Paint Design

Historically, tipi designs told the story of the lodge owner. This page shows our selection of design options! You can mix or match designs from the tops, middles, and bases, or choose from the themed design section.

Full Tipi Designs

Be uniquely you! Are you seeking something unique but can’t choose? Check out these beautiful designs.

A) Flying Free
B) Canyon Wall
C) Bison Herd
D) Two Become One
E) Forrest Lodge
F) Mustangs
G) The Hunt
H) Mountain Raven
I) Fallen Stars


Mix & Match

Tipi Paintings

Want to design your own tipi painting? Pick and choose your own design – leave it to us to hand paint your tipi with a weather-resistant design. Select from multiple options, mix and match if you want, and know that you’re ordering a functional and beautiful work of art.

Create Your Own Design
Meet the Artist

Here at Secret Creek, we have our very own tipi painting artist!
Meet Nick Albia, our full-time artist, and canvas expert who joined the team back in September 2020. He studied at the College of Charleston, majoring in studio art with a focus on painting and sculpture!

Nick’s favorite quote:

“There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.” 
– Bob Ross