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Tipi Painting

Tell A Story

Paint Your Story

Historically, tipi designs told the story of the lodge owner. This page shows our selection of design options! You can mix & match designs or choose from our fully designed tipis.


Fully Designed Tipis

Are you seeking something unique but can’t choose? Pick from our fully designed tipi options – leave it to us to hand paint your tipi with a weather-resistant design.

See Tipi Designs
Our Mix & Match Option

Custom Tipi Paintings

Want to design your own tipi painting? Pick and choose your own design.  You can mix & match designs (from the tops, middles, and bases) and know that you’re ordering a functional and beautiful work of art!

Create Your Own Design

Buckskin Wash

What is a buckskin wash? Our buckskin wash is a watered-down paint that extends the life of your tipi canvas! This wash helps protect the canvas against UV rays and gives a stylish rustic look.

Click here for buckskin wash pricing 

Meet the Artist

Here at Secret Creek, we have our very own tipi painting artist!
Meet Nick Albia, our full-time artist, and canvas expert who joined the team back in September 2020. He studied at the College of Charleston, majoring in studio art with a focus on painting and sculpture!

Nick’s favorite quote:

“There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.” 
– Bob Ross