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Secret Creek

About Secret Creek & Our Legacy

In 1976, Dan and Emma Kigar made their home in a tipi in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It wasn’t long before some of their friends wanted the same experience and the adventure called Earthworks Tipis began! They eventually added artistically-engineered yurts and rugged canvas-wall tents and renamed their business Advance Canvas Design. In the mid-1990s, they changed their business name to Colorado Yurt Company.

For over four decades, Dan & Emma helped people realize their dreams of owning one of their remarkable dwellings, and in 2020, the Kigars handed the reins of Colorado Yurt Company to John and Kelly Gibson. The four continue to share a love and appreciation for the company’s past and look forward to its future.

Through our growth and evolution, we continue to lead the industry with a reputation for quality products and highly personable service! Our products continue to be designed and fabricated by proud craftspeople in Western Colorado.


Although the company name has changed, we still produce Colorado Yurts, Earthworks Tipis, and Destination Tents.
We’re thrilled to be called Secret Creek!

Our New Brand
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Our Mule

Secret Creek has the personality of the coveted “select-quality mule” – trustworthy, resilient, safe, curious, intelligent and reliable. In otherwords, we’re a hybrid blend of all of our best individual qualities!

That’s a double diamond hitch securing the load on our logo, and similar to the diamonds in our lattice walls, the timeless architecture creates an incredible strength and confidence for your adventure. How will you travel to your Secret Creek and with whom will you share the journey?

Is Secret Creek a Real Place?


Secret Creek is about the experience of connecting you with the outdoors.
It’s about finding your Secret Creek.

Is your secret creek…

An aspen grove framed by granite mountain peaks?

Lakeshore-lapping waves lulling you to sleep?

Remote glades full of cross-country ski trails?

Summer meadows awash in watercolor hues?

You can be there!

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Here at Secret Creek, we all have our favorite places to connect with nature, but our WHY is more than just a love of the outdoors.

The ability to inspire lives and create positivity in the world is what motivates us every. single. day. We relish the fact that we build beautiful, meaningful, functional additions to people’s dreams. But above all else, Secret Creek is an experience we believe in whole-heartedly — the transformative and restorative experience of being in a yurt, tipi or tent!

Yurt Inspiration Gallery

Tent Inspiration Gallery

Tipi Inspiration Gallery

The Future is Now

Like you, we’ve seen a lot of change in the last few years.

  • We’ve evolved into a thriving company making global waves in the outdoor experience.
  • With a dynamic product development team, we’re expanding beyond what we used to think was possible by learning from other industries to create the new generation of products.
  • We’re growing and adding more skilled craftspeople, a team of dedicated, reliable people who work safely together because they genuinely respect each other.
  • We’re learning about new ways to fulfill dreams through outdoor education and experiences.
  • We’re rising to a new level of commitment in our community by creating jobs, creating outdoor spaces to share, and through our involvement with the economic development on the Western Slope of Colorado.
  • We’re opening a new 30,000-square-foot headquarters destination on the Uncompahgre River in Montrose, Colorado with an interactive display village of the structures we design and craft. You can even experience the magic for yourself with our exciting “Visit or Stay” program.
  • Our name, logo and website have all been redesigned to embrace our new journey forward.

Through our growth and evolution, we continue to lead the industry with a reputation for quality products and highly personable service.

Our products continue to be designed and fabricated by proud craftspeople in western Colorado.

We’re still Colorado Yurt. Earthworks Tipis. Destination Tents.

And now we are proud to also be — Secret Creek.

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Feeling inspired? Contact us and learn how we can help you find your Secret Creek.

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