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Cozy Luxury, Rugged Sophistication or Memorable Adventure?


Safari M.U.L.E. Tent™

Secret Creek is taking Glamping to the next level with our new safari tent, designed to meet your individual needs. We proudly introduce the NEW Safari M.U.L.E. Tent™ model! Thanks to our innovative connection method, you can customize, adjust, and maintain your tent, ensuring your Glamping experiences are enjoyable and memorable for years to come.

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Destination Tents by Secret Creek

Canvas Tents

How you define your Destination Tent is a unique reflection of you.

Whether you’re seeking luxurious comfort or a rugged adventure, Destination Tents offer the ultimate Glamping experience for nature enthusiasts.

These tents are safe, reliable, and robust, designed with four walls typically surrounding a central ridgepole or a sturdy wooden frame. With a center ridge height of nine feet or more, these tents provide ample headroom, perfect for adding bunk beds or creating a spacious living area.

Can you recall the magic of your earliest tent experiences, where every moment felt like a grand adventure? With Destination Tents, you can relive that magic while enjoying the modern comforts of Glamping.

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The places and ways you can use your tent is almost limitless – let your imagination run wild! Harness the magic by creating:

A cozy apres-ski tent warming hut

An adventurous, functional tent treehouse

Unique guest or in-law lodging

Distinctive camping accommodations

Memorable dining for your farm, ranch or vineyard

A raised stilt tent lake cabin

Your own tent studio – spa, massage, art, yoga, and more

Luxurious camping in remote locations

Summer camp tent cabins full of happy kids in bunkbeds

Your own beachside tent cabin

Beyond imagining how to define your dream tent, think about your natural landscape too. Site it above landscape features like a waterfall or large boulders for a truly dramatic aesthetic.

Or keep it simple.

Either way, owning a Destination Tent will provide you with years of safe, reliable shelter at your Secret Creek.

What is a Tent?

We’re going to let you answer that question first because we’re guessing you probably already have an image in your mind…

Maybe you have memories from watching your grandparents struggle to “STAKE IT DOWN!” while the rain threatened to unleash upon your heads.

Perhaps you’re transported to nights around a campfire – the flames casting shadows onto your tent as someone strummed a popular sing-along tune.

It may be that you picture camouflage-green walls in a distant jungle, brightly-colored tech fabrics on a remote mountain-top, or slumber parties in your own back yard.

But the history of tents stretches far beyond these simple images and memories.

Did you know that archaeologists found tent ruins that date back as far as 40,000 B.C.?

In fact, tents have been part of the human psyche far longer than ceramic containers, agriculture and even wheels! So the image you have in your mind when you hear the word “tent” is generations upon generations of your ancient ancestors speaking to you too.

Over the millennia, various cultures wrapped their tents in mammoth hides, goat skins, and whatever furs and felts they were able to harvest from the animals they lived amongst. Eventually, modern technology innovated materials that were lighter weight and didn’t require animal sacrifice. But unlike the mammoth, the desire to have a portable, secure shelter that can accommodate many people and is aesthetically pleasing, has never gone extinct.

Destination Tents aren’t like tents from several millennia ago. They are modern and truly something to behold. Our ancient ancestors would be proud.

Why a Tent?

Destination Tents are an exciting solution if you love…

Shelter that is easy to pitch and use

Environmentally-friendly shelters

Protection from the elements

Safety and security

Strengthening people’s connection to nature

Blending ancient traditions with modern ingenuity

Adventurous experiences

Luxurious place-making in the outdoors

Finding your own secret creek

Think about those images and memories from your past that helped you define “what is a tent?” – and then imagine your personal WHY?

We would love to help you create a new image for what is possible. Dream big – the sky is the limit!

My Tent

Explore My Tent to learn all about our:

Quality and craftsmanship

Structural components like walls, windows, and frames

Deck designs and plans;

Interior inspirations

Floor plan examples

You’ll also find all of our technical specifications, including how to pitch a tent.

Inspiration Gallery

These aren’t the tents your grandpa used to pitch. Trust us…

Our Inspiration Gallery will blow you away. It’s full of ideas that will transform what you imagine when you hear the word “tent.” Whether you’re looking to design a lavish tent home or an ideal custom tent, you can lean into rugged simplicity or extravagent glamping, because Destination Tents reflect the personalities of the people who love them. Discover your style by exploring our tent Inspiration Gallery now!

Tent Packages

Buying a Destination Tent is a joyous occasion, so don’t stress over the minutia of every little detail. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the custom design process by creating four different tent packages, each one complete with every detail already thought of. How? We’ve designed our packages around decades of knowing what our customers most want and need. Spend less time down in the weeds of every feature, so you can spend more time at your secret creek.

In Stock Tents

We build to order, but from time to time, we have tents in stock and ready to ship.

Explore our in-stock tents now!

Customize Your Tent

Our Tent Packages take the guesswork out of buying a tent, but if you really enjoy diving into every little detail, you’ll want to start by learning more about our custom tents.

Tent FAQs

From tent homes to summer camps, and everything in between, we’ve been helping people own Destination Tents for a long time. In that time, we’ve answered so many questions from so many wonderful people around the world. We love educating people on how to become tent owners, but not everyone has time to contact us right away. To help you cut to the chase, we’ve pulled together some of our most frequently asked questions, and them into a helpful Tent FAQ page to help get you started.


We’ve pulled together several helpful links and digital downloads so that you can easily find technical and instructional info about tents all in one place?

Explore our support resources, including:

Deck ideas

Interior ideas

Pitching instructions

Cleaning and care of your tent fabric

Stovepipe installation

Commercial specs

And more!

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