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What’s Involved in a Tent Project?

Consider the following steps as you map out your tent dreams.

Steps to Your Dream Tent Project

  1. Dream a use for your tent
  2. Select a location
  3. Select tent features
  4. Build your deck
  5. Pitch your tent
  6. Decorate
  7. Enjoy!

Key Considerations


Our tents are available in 12’ x 14′, 14’ x 16′, and 16’ x 20’. Look at your space, think of how you’ll use the tent, consider the sidewall and ridge height you need (e.g. are bunkbeds desired?) – then decide on a size.


Beautifully-integrated features include different fabric selections, windows, mosquito netting, stovepipe inlets, and other examples of esthetic functionality.


Most people build their own platform/deck and ridge pole. We have deck plans for your use. We also have the option of putting an internal frame in the tent.


Your tent will have instructions with it. If you misplace them, or want to review them ahead of time, our pitching guide for platform tents is available for download.


With creative design, a tent can feel luxurious or rugged – it’s up to you!

Finish off your new tent with your own personal touches – all the interior designs you need to complete your vision. Want to see how others have decorated and designed their tents? Visit our inspiration gallery.


Dream realized – you’ve found your Secret Creek, now enjoy!

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Expedition Tents – for when your dreams don’t include roughing it.

Our tents are perfect for personal use in a wide range of situations, including:

  • Backcountry hut
  • Mother-in-law suite
  • Art or yoga studio
  • Home office
  • Summer cabin
  • Guest house
  • Overnight rental

Industry applications for our tents are also common.

They are perfect for:

  • Campgrounds
  • Summer camps
  • Boutique lodging resorts
  • Outdoor classroom shelters
  • Ranches
  • Spas
  • Warming huts
  • Event venues
  • Ski resorts

The possibilities are virtually endless!

Visit A Tent

Want to visit a tent to experience their rugged, yet refined beauty firsthand? You can with our network of tents around the world, or with our exciting Visit or Stay program!

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Feeling inspired? Contact us to talk to one of our skilled sales guides. They can guide you to realizing your tent dreams!

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