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Tent Features

Your tent dreams begin now.

Destination Tents are designed with beautifully-integrated features that provide unique opportunities to connect with nature and ensure long-lasting, safe shelter – all with the exceptional quality we’re known for.

Tent Covers

Watertight protection designed to last.

Beautiful fabric tent covers are crafted from the highest quality weather-tested fabrics, so you can trust that your tent will withstand years of outdoor use.

Tent Options

Make your tent uniquely yours, but do it while using tried and true methods to create a more comfortable, livable shelter with tent options designed to keep temperatures more comfortable, block insects from entering, extend weather protection across a covered front porch, and resist mildew.


Are you planning on using your tent as a permanent shelter or for an extended amount of time? Pitch a tent built to withstand the rugged requirements of extended use by building framework interior to your tent.

Start Your Journey Now!

Are you ready to imagine your tent? Explore and discover your dream tent package now.

Tent Packages

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Feeling inspired? Contact us to talk to one of our skilled sales guides. They can guide you to realizing your tent dreams!

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