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Tent Covers

Designed to Provide Years of Protection

The tent cover serves as the boundary between the outside world and human shelter, so it’s designed to provide years of protection and security. As a result of our dedication to safety and durability, we’re applying lessons learned from textile innovations in the military and outdoor industries, while also creating beautiful structures that look good in nature.

Make it your own – start your journey with an aesthetically simple design then decide how to show off your personality to bring the space to life.

Here are several distinctive fabric features designed to complement your tent lifestyle:

  • By eliminating the need for stakes or long guy ropes, we’ve removed distracting, clunky equipment from your tent design. This also makes your site safer to navigate in the dark!
  • Through decades of refinement, we’ve designed the tent cover with reinforcement at the most common stress points.
  • Every tent comes with a front and a back door and with walls that can roll up independently of each other.
  • The option to add an extended fly to your tent, therefore extending the protected space, includes integrated design features that accommodate the added fabric.

Fabric Choices

All Destination Tents are built with sidewalls that separate and roll up for maximum ventilation:

  • 15 oz marine-quality fabric is available with a standard water & mildew treatment, or an upgraded fire, water, and mildew treatment. This high-quality outdoor fabric comes in a natural cotton color.
  • Our Timberline wall fabric comes in desert tan and forest green. This is a durable cotton/poly blend fabric with an acrylic coating.

Comfort and Safety

Mosquito Netting

Create a screened room when the canvas walls are rolled up, while the front and back entrances zip shut. You may choose to have all four walls netted, or just your front and back walls.

Tent Fly

The watertight tent fly protects the tent and keeps it cool. The standard fly includes a one foot overhang. Create an additional eight feet of outdoor space in front of your tent with an extended fly that integrates with your frame.

Sidewall Windows

Small ventilation windows with mosquito net and a zippered flap to keep out the elements.

Stovepipe Outlet

Easily and safely install a stove in your tent (put one under your extended fly too!) with a military-grade stovepipe outlet.

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Feeling curious? Contact us to request fabric swatches for our tent canvas and fly options.

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