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Tipis 101


Our favorite thing about a tipi isn’t just in the details.

It’s the experience of being in a tipi, of talking to people who’ve joined our circle, of sharing their joy when a years-long dream takes shape, and of guiding journeys to dreams realized.



Tipi Basics

Although our original tipi structures were inspired by ancient shelters, our legacy of handcrafted quality and reliable craftsmanship has grown to include the next generation of beautiful Earthworks Tipis. Our designs are engineered with integrity and strength, and covered in durable, protective fabrics inspired by military- and outdoor-industry textiles.

See how and why our tipi design works beautifully with nature, while also celebrating innovations in the outdoor industry by reading about tipi basics.

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Tipi Features

Ingenious features that work with nature to create comfortable and memorable opportunities to connect to nature – all with the exceptional quality and confidence in safety – is what we’re known for.

Explore our tipi features to learn about the core components of these beautiful shelters.

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Decks & Interiors

Explore how to design your decks and interiors. Let tour imagination run free as you take design inspiration from our galleries that connect you to some of the world’s most creative and functional ways to decorate your tipi.

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Techs & Specs

We’re incredibly proud of the history, design and materials that go into Earthworks Tipis, making them strong, reliable, and beautiful. We love to geek out on these details with anyone who wants to go down that rabbit-hole with us, but if your curiosity is more practical and you just want to know which tipi will fit in the space you’re working with, or the tipi’s interior dimensions, we’ve got that covered too.

Envision your footprint and interior functionality (or peek into the rabbit-hole) with a quick review of our techs & specs.

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