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Core Components

Tipi Features

Your tipi dreams begin here.

Earthworks Tipis are designed with ingenious features that work with nature to create comfortable and memorable opportunities to connect to nature – all with the exceptional quality and confidence in safety that we’re known for.

The very basic elements of a tipi are the cover, liner, ozan, poles and pitching accessories. The poles form the framework that supports the cover and liner from which the liner and ozan are hung.


Tipi Covers

Reliable, comfortable and memorable, Earthworks Tipis have a fabric cover that complements the beauty of nature. We only use the highest quality weather-tested fabrics, so you can trust that your tipi cover will withstand years of outdoor use. And with the benefits of strategic ventilation, these beautiful, functional designs provide years of comfort and shelter.

Painted Tipis

Be uniquely you – leave it to us to hand paint your tipi with a weather-resistant design. Select from multiple options, mix and match if you want (or keep it simple), and know that you’re ordering a functional and beautiful work of art.

Hand Painted Tipi Options

Interior Canvas Components

Warm and cozy, or cool and refreshing? You have options with the fabric components interior to the tipi cover. These features help insulate and control airflow, prevent interior condensation, retain heat, shelter the living area under the fire, and cover the interior floor.

Poles & Accessories

Peeled poles, made of lodgepole pine, have formed the skeletons of tipis for centuries. We provide tipi poles in this style, as well as:

  • Manila ropes to tie the poles together
  • Lacing pins that hold the cover in place around the poles
  • Other accessories designed to outfit your dream tipi

Start Your Journey Now!

Are you ready to imagine your tipi? Explore and discover your dream tipi package now.

Tipi Packages

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Feeling inspired? Contact us to talk to one of our skilled sales guides. They can guide you to realizing your tipi dreams!

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