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Tents 101

Our favorite thing about a tent is the details.

It’s the experience of being in a tent, cozy and secure, in a destination that calls to our hearts, our Secret Creek.

Perch it on an elevated deck and make it your treehouse; place it on a platform above water and make it a stilt house; site it above landscape features like a waterfall or large boulders for a truly dramatic aesthetic; or manifest a calm, rustic retreat away from all the drama.  Include a wood burning stove pipe and stay cozy in the fall and winter months.


Tent Basics

Destination Tents are the perfect outdoor getaway for those who love to get out in nature but don’t necessarily want to “rough it.” The places and ways you can use your tent is almost limitless – let our wall tents make your imagination run wild!

See how and why the tent basics and the tent experience work so well together.

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Tent Features

These tents aren’t kidding around – the level of rugged sophistication you can achieve through strategic feature selection is unmatched. Learn more about these beautifully-integrated tent features that ensure rugged, reliable shelter for years to come.

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Discover ways your Destination Tent can show off your personality – start by exploring our interior design galleries.

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Techs & Specs

You love details? We do too! Learn more about our tent measurements, decks, pitching, care and cleaning by exploring our techs & specs.

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