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Tech & Specs

Physics and Innovation

An Earthworks Tipi relies on physics and innovation to provide a unique, safe shelter adapted for today’s world.

Here’s how it works:

  • A beautiful crown of hand-peeled lodge poles tilt into the prevailing winds, making the tipi slightly asymmetrical and nearly vertical in back. This increases the headroom and usable living space, while also allowing the shelter to stand strong against the wind.
  • The smoke hole is located down the more gently sloping front of the tipi and smoke flaps, supported and adjusted with poles from the outside, control the draw for the fire. These flaps give the tipi its elegant winged appearance.
  • The liner creates a protective barrier upon which dew and rain can disperse away from your living space. It also creates a chimney like effect by which your tipi can be better ventilated, which is helpful both in the summer (glorious fresh air!) and the winter (if you choose to have a fire).
  • The ozan hangs from your tipi’s ceiling, creating an extra layer of protection from the weather above your tipi’s smoke hole.

These design features form a beautiful structure that works with nature to bring security, comfort and poetic awe into your life.

Tipi Accessories & Replacement Parts

You can plan for a lifetime of memories with an Earthworks Tipi. Tipi accessories and replacement parts extend the possibilities and lifespan of your shelter.


Pitching Instructions

Small to medium sized tipis can be pitched in a day or less, and usually a project that a group of friends can tackle together. Make it a celebration and throw a pitching party, but first, review your tipi’s pitching instructions.

Care & Cleaning

All of our quality fabric materials are created to be tough and resilient, but no fabric can last forever, and the elements can speed degradation.

Learn how to care and clean your tipi fabric properly to provide years of durable beauty.

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