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Pitching Instructions

Detailed Instructions Included

Pitching a tipi is usually a project that a group of friends can tackle. Small to medium-sized tipis can be pitched in a day or less.

The process is not complicated and detailed instructions are included with your tipi. You need to be sure to measure correctly, secure knots and poles to eliminate slipping and read all instructions carefully.

If you would like a preview of the pitching process, or if you’ve misplaced your instructions, here are all of the tipi pitching and set-up instructions.

Pitch It Correctly

All structures, from skyscrapers and stadiums to modest houses and mobile homes, have limitations to the amount of weight and wind load they can bear, so it’s important to note that Earthworks Tipis have not been engineered for snow and wind loads.

It is important to install your structure according to our instructions. The fabric skin or membrane on a fabric structure should be stretched and attached with the proper hardware at all the points provided to minimize fabric movement. Excessive fabric movement, or “wind whip” causes wear and tear on the fabric, and it can cause the framework of the structure to become misshapen and unsound.

If you rely on a self-proclaimed “expert” to help pitch your tipi, follow the process with our instructions and make sure all the details are correct on the final installation.

If you leave your structure for any length of time, make sure it is properly anchored and “battened down.” If you don’t plan to visit your tipi over a long period of time, consider taking it down and storing it. Always store it completely dry in a ventilated area away from rodents.

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