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Tipi Basics

Beautify the Symmetry of Wood & Fabric

The structural integrity of a tipi is based on a beautiful symmetry of wood and fabric, working with the natural elements of the landscape and the prevailing wind to create a safe, unique shelter.

Featuring a beautiful tilted cone with a crown of lodge poles, a Lakota-style tipi is one of the world’s most ingenious and functional shelters. For over 45 years, Earthworks Tipis has been a leader in quality-built lodges, adding the strength and durability of modern fabrics to the original Lakota design, several of which are currently pitched on Indigenous lands in various locations in North America.

For hunters of the Great Plains that followed the bison herds, it was important that they had shelters that were easy to transport, set-up and use. They also made the design innovations distinctive to “modern” tipis, tilting the cone into the prevailing winds, making it slightly asymmetrical and nearly vertical in back. This made the tipi stand strong against the weather while increasing the headroom and usable living space. Second, they moved the smoke hole down the more gently sloping front of the tipi, then added flaps (supported and adjusted with poles from the outside) to control the draw for the fire. These flaps give the tipi its elegant winged appearance.

Earthworks Tipis can be used for a multitude of events and activities:

  • Homes
  • Rentals
  • Classrooms
  • Wedding venues
  • Ski area huts
  • Summer camps

Anyone who needs shelter on their desired patch of planet Earth can benefit from the beautiful, safe, reliable solution of a tipi. Create lasting memories in a shelter that fosters a strong sense of place.

Quality & Craftsmanship

Learn about our Timberline Standards and how our commitment to quality and craftsmanship makes it easy for our customers to be consistently satisfied with Earthworks Tipis.

Quality & Craftsmanship

What's Involved in a Tipi Project?

Feel inspired, not intimidated! If there is one thing we love more than crafting tipis, it’s helping people through the process of realizing their dreams to tipi ownership. We’re full of good advise and tips for every step of your journey. Learn what’s involved in a tipi project to get started.

What’s Involved in a Tipi Project?

Visit a Tipi

Explore Earthworks Tipis around the world by connecting with our network of tipi owners, and pay them a visit. Just make sure you contact them first so they’re ready for your arrival!

Visit a Tipi

Decks & Interiors

Explore how to design your decks and interiors. Let tour imagination run free as you take design inspiration from our galleries that connect you to some of the world’s most creative and functional ways to decorate your tipi.

Decks & Interiors

Personal Uses

Dream it? Your tipi can be it!

Common personal uses include:

  • Full-time home
  • Backcountry hut
  • Mother-in-law suite
  • Art or yoga studio
  • Summer retreat
  • Guest house
  • Overnight rental

Industry Uses

Common industry uses of tipis include:

  • Campgrounds
  • Summer camps
  • Boutique lodging resorts
  • Outdoor classroom shelters
  • Warming huts
  • Event venues
  • Ski resorts

The possibilities are virtually endless!

Start Your Journey Now!

Are you ready to explore and discover your dream tipi package? Let's go!

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We love to talk about tipis! Contact us now to discuss your vision. Our skilled Sales Guides can guide you to realizing your tipi dreams!

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