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Quality & Craftsmanship


All Earthworks Tipis are handcrafted in our new state-of-the-art facility using the best materials and designs. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship makes it easy to see why we’ve been in the business so long.

We believe our success comes from treating people right and making a quality product. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship makes it easy to stand behind our tipis. Plus, when you talk with a sales guide or visit our website, you draw on over forty-five years of experience in the business of making shelters.

Timberline Standards

Our tipi designs are thoughtful, beautiful and functional, and we have “best in class” features that have been refined and elevated over several decades in the business.

What Sets Us Apart

We have perfected the design of our Lakota-style tipis (with modified Cheyenne smoke flaps). We provide tipis to individuals, organizations and businesses all over the world, and we have decades of experience helping people realize their tipi dreams.

  • Refined design creating the most beautiful and functional lodge
  • Heavier weight fabrics: our lightest weight canvas for tipi covers is 15oz.
  • Bison hide reinforced stress points: to create durability and beauty
  • Loops every 30” around the base: to stake the tipi correctly and securely
  • Hand painted designs available: Use our tipi design tool
  • Oak stakes, metal stakes and deck kit available
  • Knowledgeable sales guides who can help you find the right size and options for your tipi
  • Our tipis are scattered across public, private and indigenous lands so they have been tried and tested through and through
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