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Tent Options

Find Comfort

We offer several options designed to integrate with Destination Tents that allow you to find comfort in the cold of harsh weather, increase ventilation, let in light, resist mildew growth in warmer times, and keep out the insects all year long.

Tent Options

  • Sidewall Windows – 30″x30″ sidewall windows featuring a mosquito net window with a zippered flap that is the same color as the tent.
  • Mosquito Netting – Sewn into front and back or all four sides allows you to enjoy nature without inviting her in for a bite.
  • Stovepipe Outlet – Allows you to put in a wood stove.
  • Ridgepole Couplers and Pins – For those who build their own ridge pole when constructing the platform.
  • Wood Pole Set – Includes front and back uprights and a ridge pole, eliminating the need to search for hard-to-find lengths and straight lumber at your local home improvement store (breakdown sections available on request).
  • Tent Floor – A mildew resistant, highly durable, flame retardant floor, tan in color.

Tent Fly

Extend the life of your tent cover, protect your tent from moisture and block UV rays with a tent fly – an essential feature of Destination Tents.

  • Quality fly – Includes reinforced side hems with tough 2″ webbing and lots of grommets so you can get a tight fit that allows rain and snow to slide off easily.
  • Standard Tent Fly – The standard size fly covers the tent roof with a 6″ to 12″ overhang on all sides.
  • Extended Tent Fly – Projects 8 feet in front of the tent to provide a covered front porch.
  • Fabric: 19oz ProStructure Vinyl Fly – The most rugged and durable fly available.

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