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Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Farm on Fire

This is a first-person story from a customer in California:

Five years ago, we bought a small piece of dirt to create a “farm”…  We didn’t know what we were getting into, but we have worked hard to plant trees, grapevines, a garden and a barn (the barn seems like it will never be done, but it will).

We couldn’t afford to build the house yet, so we purchased a Cimmaron Tent from you.  We built a platform from locally-cut redwood and salvaged decking.  The tent became the property’s “human anchor point”. It’s a place to spend a time in the shade during the work day, and a place to enjoy a drink and the breeze in the evening.  It’s a great tent, everyone says so.

The platform being built

Building the stairs, my son helped me

This spring – as if the tent was meant to be a part of the landscape

Everyone loves the tent!

I work as a firefighter in a different city. One recent shift, at 2:00 in the morning a call came that there was a fire back home in my neighborhood and at the farm. My family evacuated our house, so I knew they were safe. I took my gear with me and raced to the farm. It seemed everything was in flames.

I did my best with a shovel and boots, but I had no water and it became too hot and smoky.  I was worried I would become trapped so I sped away. The last thing I saw was huge flames behind the tent and the barn. I re-joined my crew and a fire engine. I’m happy to say, we helped save some others’ homes.

When I got off duty, my wife and I drove to the farm- prepared for the worst.  We found much of our property burned and destroyed but to our amazement the half-built barn was standing and the Cimarron Tent had survived!

I still don’t know how the tent made it, as there is literally burned grass underneath the platform.  There were some tire tracks in the ash from a small fire engine, so maybe they arrived in the nick of time?

Our Vineyard

Our Farm

As of now, the beauty of our land is hard to see.  Everything is blackened, trees, hills, orchards. Many of our neighbors lost their homes and all their possessions.  Thankfully no one in our area died, but we mourn the loss of so much and grieve with our friends for what they no longer have.

We want to continue building our farm.  For now, the views and land are painful to look at.  But we also know that the green will return, things will grow, people will rebuild and our little valley will be beautiful again.

Our tent will play a role in our moving forward.  It will be a place where people will visit while our community rebuilds. We envision friends gathering for a drink and to chat in the coming months.

We wanted to thank Colorado Yurt Company for building such a quality tent.  We know you don’t make them “fire proof”, but I am fairly certain that a lesser-quality tent might not have survived.  Please pass along our gratefulness to your staff, sales, designers, fabricators- all who are involved. We very much appreciate the robustness of the tent. You have given us a starting place so our farm will be beautiful again soon!

Our Tent


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