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Yurt Customer Stories: Tent Living for a Family of Six

Watching the evening shadows move across the wall, listening to an owl in a nearby tree, smelling the rain outside the door. These are all experiences a family in the Pacific Northwest is enjoying while living full time in one of our Cimarron Tents.

Dan and Rachel purchased a small farmstead, with a house that needed serious help. They determined that the house would need a complete remodel, and would be uninhabitable while the work was being done. However, they needed to be on the farm to care for their livestock. That’s when they decided to try tent living.

They have four young children (8, 6, 4 & 2), and have always spent much time outdoors. Rachel says, “Tent living has brought us all closer to nature. This was surprising to us as we are already a very nature-connected family. Living in a house we didn’t realize how many owls live nearby and the subtle differences in their calls. We didn’t know how many coyote bands yip-howl at night, and at what time true dawn begins.”

The choice to live in a tent made sense for the family because it allowed them to save money during the remodel (instead of paying rent). They chose the largest tent we make, (16’x20’) with the upgraded Prostructure vinyl fly. They have mosquito net on the front and back of the tent to enjoy the breeze without inviting bugs inside. Inside the tent, they have a king bed, queen bed, twin bunk beds, 3 dressers, a full-sized table, a lounge chair, trunk, and the wood stove. They built an outdoor kitchen and shower next to the tent.

They chose our hand-crafted, high quality tent because, “We did a thorough review of tents available. Colorado Yurt Company’s tent seemed to be the best constructed. We are the type of consumers who buy the best because we want it to last a long time.” They were happy with the customer service they received, and are thrilled with the quality of the tent. “We like the color of the tent, the way light and shadows come through the walls and ceiling, and the closeness it offers us to nature, the coziness, affordability, and simple living. It heats up quickly as well.”

“It’s a really affordable and peaceful setup to not have power in the tent while right next door we have modern conveniences of power and hot water.”

The experience of living in the tent is something the family believes they will cherish long after their house is complete. “We know this is a unique living situation and believe it will have a positive and memorable impact on our young children.”

They are already thinking of the tent’s future (after the house is finished). “We plan to use the tent, kitchen and shower as either a farm-stay, vacation rental or potentially as an outdoor forest school.”

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