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Colorado Yurt Company Customer Stories: Utah State Parks

We’ve always known just how wonderful Utah is. They’re our next-door neighbor after all. But in the past few years, the news got out. Utah outdoor destinations are hotter than ever, with red rock country, high altitude lakes, goblins and hoodoos popping up on social media and blogs around the world.

When visiting Utah for outdoor adventures, people have discovered the diversity and accessibility of Utah State Parks. Visitors can round out their memorable Utah adventure by staying in a Colorado yurt.

Three Utah State Parks have Colorado Yurts to rent: Deadhorse Point, Goblin Valley and East Canyon.

Deadhorse Point State Park is a popular destination near Moab with yurts in two locations: Moenkopi yurt area and Wingate Campground. Mountain bikers love the Moenkopi yurts because they are next to the mountain bike trails and are more remote. The yurts in Wingate Campground are more popular for customers who prefer a glamping experience near their friends and family who are staying in trailers and tents at the park. Both destinations get a lot of return visitors.

Goblin Valley State Park is located along Highway 24 between Hanksville and Green River, more than thirty miles from the nearest hotel. The yurts offer the perfect base camp for adventure in the park and the nearby San Rafael Swell. In addition to the Goblins, staying at Goblin Valley grants easy access to hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, scenic backcountry roads and OHV tracks, as well as slot canyons.

East Canyon State Park near Salt Lake City is steeped in historical significance.   From The fateful Donner-Reed party to the mass migration of the Mormon Pioneers.  East Canyon was the true crossroads to the west.  East Canyon is now a recreation area that focus on water-based recreation.  From blue ribbon fishing to boating to hiking, East Canyon has the most diverse camping opportunities in the state of Utah.  East Canyon’s yurts are mostly enjoyed by families, church groups, and business retreats.

All of the parks get great feedback from their yurt guests. Most appreciate the comfort and space in the yurts, as well as the way they fit into the parks. There are tan yurts against the goblins at Goblin Valley, sage green yurts in the sage plateau at Wingate Campground, and green yurts in the lush surroundings at East Canyon. Wherever they are in the vast variety of Utah landcapes, Colorado Yurts look right at home.

All of Utah’s park directors have good things to say about Colorado Yurt Company service and quality. “The yurts have held up to our expectations in the four seasons that high elevation Utah has to offer.  Through the years, Colorado Yurt Company customer service has been awesome.  From price quotes to product care questions, we’ve always been impressed with the customer care from Colorado Yurt.” An added bonus for our neighbors, we’ve also been available to deliver and install the yurts at all three Utah parks.

From the yurts in our own Colorado State Parks, next door in Utah State Parks to Manitoba Provincial Parks and even a National park in Mongolia (just to name a few)- you can find Colorado Yurts to rent in parks around the world.

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