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Colorado Yurt Company: Forty-five Years Ago

In 1976, a couple of young lovers built a tipi to live in. They were in the mountains of Colorado, and had dreams of living close to each other and close to nature. Dan and Emma Kigar had no idea what that simple and hopeful act would create. They sewed their lodge, harvested the poles, pitched it on the mountainside and began their life together. Soon, other people came to them requesting a tipi- and the company known now as Colorado Yurt Company was born. The single sewing machine is now a bustling shop where almost 60 people thrive; crafting unique, functional, romantic structures for living, working, renting and sharing with friends and family.

A lot has changed in 45 years. We are now in Montrose- a bit west of that original tipi. We still sell authentic Sioux style tipis. The tipi company expanded to engineered yurts and beautiful platform style tents over 40 years ago. Those three different and functional shelters are enjoyed by customers around the world. We still make everything here in Colorado, and we ship globally. In the past couple of years, we’ve shipped tipis to Japan, yurts to Mongolia, tents to France (to name a few exotic destinations) and we’ve sent yurts, tipis and tents to every state in the USA.

In 2020, Dan and Emma decided to pass their company to new owners. John and Kelly Gibson took the reins in January of 2020. They are building on the reputation and legacy of Colorado Yurt Company to take us into the future.

Dan and Emma are still involved, advising and leading. They have helped with new product development, legacy knowledge of our systems, leadership with the ownership transition– and they’ve even pitched a few yurts for us (they are still the best pitch crew available).

For our future- innovation, growth and expanded services are already happening. We are improving our stellar products, bringing on new faces and talents, implementing new ways of working- and we plan to move to a new facility in the next year (watch for more news on that later). We’re also carrying on Dan and Emma’s commitment to our local community. For example, we have been nominated for a Governor’s Award for Downtown Excellence for our work with local restaurants and pubs to provide outdoor spaces during COVID.

We are incredibly proud to be building on the vision that Dan and Emma set over their 44 years at the helm. As we move into the future, there will be changes, growth and moves. As we go, we will stay true to the values they built as our foundation: quality, customer service and honesty with each other and our customers.

Today, we are taking a moment to celebrate!


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