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Colorado Yurt Company: Yurt, Tipi, or Tent?

Are you a yurt person? A tipi person? A tent person? Maybe you’re all three, but want to understand the best use for each of them. Colorado Yurt Company is one of only a few companies with multiple choices for rugged, hand-crafted outdoor structures. Our three unique options have various features that make each suitable for different uses and climates.

Colorado Yurts are engineered structures that are intended to be left up year-round. Starting with a solid wood framework (lattice, rafters, compression ring, door) they are covered in durable commercial coverings and our standard DuroLast roof. We build a yurt that will last for many years. Colorado Yurts are put on a platform and can withstand high winds and heavy snows (you might need one of our snow & wind upgrade packages). They hold up very well in snowy, windy and wet weather. Yurts are the most watertight of our structures and the easiest to heat and cool.

Colorado Yurts come in sizes from 200 square feet to 706 square feet. As a rental, yurts are very popular and appealing. They can be outfitted with luxurious furnishings, plumbing, heating, kitchens, lofts, and bathrooms. Or, they can also be offered as rustic accommodations in backcountry and off-grid places.

We can help with configuring the right yurt for your location, use, budget, and preferences. Or, you can price a yurt on our calculator. Here’s a great blog explaining a yurt project.

The premiere glamping tent available, A Colorado Yurt Company Platform Tent is a versatile, durable, beautiful option. With the addition of a fly, they are nice, cozy spaces in which you can be comfortable with quality furniture and bedding. The platform raises the tent up off the ground, and you can even have a covered “front porch” area with the extended fly. Options such as mosquito netting and side windows allow you to open the tent up to the breeze, while keeping bugs out. Our tents come in five different sizes- from 120 square feet to 320 square feet.

Earthworks Tipis are authentic Sioux style tipis. We’ve been making beautiful, quality, durable tipis since 1976. Inside of a tipi is one of the most peaceful, inspiring spaces you’ll ever experience. While they are wonderful, they may not be right for certain climates and uses. The authentic tipi will always have a hole at the top where the poles cross and the fabric wraps. So, in rainy situations, there may be rain coming inside. We offer an ozan or an extended ozan, which certainly helps to remedy this. The tipi is definitely the closest-to-nature structure we make. They are not rated for wind or snow loads. Tipis are probably best as a three-season option in most places. With 9 sizes and multiple options, we have a tipi for every use from a backyard family lodge to a rental to a spacious shelter for meetings or classes.

Whether it’s a variety of structures for your glamping property, housing for your staff, a summer cabin, an artist studio, a guest room, or whatever else you envision, we are here to help.

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