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Knoll Farms Yurt Refuge

The introduction of the enchanting yurts has been a game-changer for Knoll Farms, propelling them to new heights of success and acclaim. These elegant and eco-friendly structures have become the cornerstone of their thriving yurt stays, captivating the hearts of visitors from near and far.

With the addition of yurt accommodations, Knoll Farms has created an unparalleled experience for guests seeking a unique and immersive retreat. Nestled in a serene grove of trees above the farm, these thoughtfully designed yurts embody a perfect harmony of comfort, artistic craftsmanship, and sustainable living.

The allure of the yurts lies not only in their aesthetics but also in the deep connection they foster with nature. Surrounded by the farm’s idyllic landscape and breathtaking vistas, guests find themselves enveloped in a sense of tranquility and serenity. The gentle glow of solar-powered lighting illuminates pathways, guiding guests to explore the enchanting beauty of the surroundings, even after the sun sets.

The success of Knoll Farms’ yurt stays can be attributed to the seamless blend of rustic charm and modern convenience. Inside the yurts, guests discover a haven of comfort, with cozy beds, inviting furnishings, and a genuine connection to the natural world just beyond their doorstep. For those seeking a deeper immersion in relaxation, the cob and stone bathhouse beckons, featuring hot showers, flush toilets, and a wood-fired hot tub—an exquisite blend of luxury and eco-consciousness.

Knoll Farms’ commitment to sustainable practices extends throughout the yurt stays, resonating with guests who value an eco-friendly way of life. The farm’s dedication to a light ecological footprint creates an environment where guests can fully appreciate the wonders of nature while minimizing their impact on the planet. The yurts have become a symbol of the farm’s commitment to sustainability, authenticity, and the preservation of the natural world.

The yurt stays at Knoll Farms have become synonymous with rejuvenation, introspection, and connection. From intimate retreats to joyous family gatherings, these unique accommodations have attracted guests seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The yurts have created a profound and lasting impact on visitors, providing a sanctuary where they can disconnect from the world and reconnect with their inner selves.

The Refuge now offers overnight accommodations, providing peaceful retreats for individuals and groups seeking solace and connection with nature. Whether you’re attending a retreat, celebrating a family gathering, or participating in an event, the yurts offer a sanctuary where you can recharge and find inner peace. The Refuge offers a transformative and intimate gathering, to manifest your vision.

With a historic timber frame barn serving as a versatile space for dining, meetings, yoga, and more, the Refuge at Knoll Farm sets the stage for profound conversations, deep reflection, and joyful celebrations. The surrounding hiking trails beckon exploration, inviting guests to connect with the beauty of the Mad River Valley, where cascading waterfalls, biking trails, and the enchanting Green Mountain National Forest await.

Please note that due to its immense popularity, we recommend booking your stay at the Refuge several months in advance. The ideal group size for overnight accommodations ranges from 14 to 22 people, with additional lodging options available nearby. Outdoor ceremony sites can gracefully accommodate approximately 120 guests, offering a captivating backdrop for your special occasions. The Refuge is available from May 15 to October 15.


The Knoll Farms Story & Offerings

🌿 Discover the Enchanting Knoll Farms: A Haven of Organic Delights 🍓

Nestled amidst the majestic Green Mountains, near Waitsfield, Vermont, Knoll Farm stands as a certified organic family farm on a picturesque steep hillside. With a remarkable agricultural legacy spanning back to 1804, its historic buildings proudly grace the prestigious National Register of Historic Places.

Gently tilting towards the southeast, Knoll Farm’s fertile land boasts the perfect conditions for nurturing bountiful berries, while providing abundant pastures and tranquil woodland edges that delight our thriving flock of Icelandic sheep. Revel in the breathtaking vistas of the Northfield and Green Mountain ranges, adding an awe-inspiring backdrop to this idyllic landscape.

In 2001, Knoll Farms embarked on a transformative journey, dedicating its mission to the revitalization of weary pastures and the cultivation of native, healthy, and productive perennial food crops. Our vision materializes as we witness the regeneration of soils and the flourishing diversity of our pastures, nurtured by our intensive grazing and no-till practices. Embracing conservation plantings, we witness the resurgence of wild pollinators, fostering a harmonious coexistence. Our commitment to sustainable practices ensures the bountiful harvest of wholesome meats and vegetables, untainted by chemical fertilizers, feeds, or sprays.

At Knoll Farm, we proudly supply our delectable lamb and succulent berries to local groceries and restaurants through wholesale partnerships. Additionally, our farm store entices visitors with a year-round selection of not only our signature products but also a plethora of other locally sourced offerings. Immerse yourself in the vibrant summer months, where you can embark on delightful pick-your-own berry adventures, indulge in picturesque picnics, savor farm-to-table dinners, and partake in a captivating calendar of special events.

At the heart of Knoll Farm lies our treasured flock of Icelandic sheep, thriving on a 100% grass-fed diet. Our unique grazing system ensures their well-being, as they roam new pastures every few days, resulting in improved nutrition and reduced parasite presence.

We are steadfast allies in the preservation of honeybees and wild pollinators, who face critical challenges. At Knoll Farm, our chemical-free orchards, abundant with nourishing wild herbs, serve as sanctuaries for these vital creatures, ensuring the continued existence of our beloved blueberry farms.

A charming red barn, nestled near the driveway, houses our quaint farm stand, offering an array of mouthwatering delights sourced from our farm and neighboring growers. Explore handmade gifts, artistic creations, and all-natural yarns, immersing yourself in the authentic essence of Knoll Farm.

Plan a visit to Knoll Farm and embrace a warm welcome! Throughout the year, you’ll discover a cornucopia of local and farm-made treasures that beckon your exploration. While online shopping is available for convenient farm pick-up (perishable products excluded), the truest expression of our offerings awaits you in person at the farm.




Current offerings at our store include:

As you venture deeper into the captivating world of Knoll Farm, a hidden gem awaits—the Refuge. Set amidst organic gardens and artisan-crafted ceremonial spaces, this retreat center offers a stunning private sanctuary, with a rich history of fostering transformative experiences.

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