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What does the M.U.L.E.™ stand for?


Modular Utility Living Enhancements


Modular – We have redesigned our new Safari Model tent to adapt to your individual needs.  With our innovative connection method for sidewalls, roof, rear wall, and entrance, we have created the ability for you to customize, adjust, and maintain your Destination Tent for years to come. Want to add a screened sidewall to enhance a particular view, easy!  Would you like the ability to change out your traditional entrance with a locking door? Done.


Utility – Make no mistake, we have not sacrificed quality or luxury.  The utility aspect of the new M.U.L.E system simply means we designed it with real-life functionality in mind. You won’t need to hire a 10-person construction crew and heavy equipment to make the changes you desire.  In fact, you can even make some feature changes without even taking the tent down!


Living – There would be no point in spending months on testing and designing features of this product if we didn’t focus on the purpose…which is you!  After all, the best part about a Destination Tent is that they provide amazing opportunities to connect with the outdoors!  Whatever features you choose, you can trust they were all created with life in mind, and ensuring we made your time spent in one more enjoyable.


Enhancements – Last but not least, we are all after a memorable experience, and we want to enhance that.  Whether you are a resort owner, campground operator, or wanderlust dreamer, the M.U.L.E system was made for you.  No matter what your use might be for a Destination Tent, we want your focus outside, where life happens.


Get Out In One!