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Care & Cleaning

Extend the Life of Fabric

Quite often, our products are installed for a long period, leaving them fully exposed to the elements for several years. Like other items regularly exposed to the elements (cars, boat covers, or painted clapboard siding, to name a few), full exposure to the elements is the largest threat to the longevity of fabric structures.

Extreme weather, UV rays, mold and mildew will all cause some degradation. So, we treat all of our woven fabrics for mildew retardancy and water repellency. Although our fabric treatments are durable, constant 24/7 exposure will make the treatments become less effective over time, so it is important to learn how to care for your fabric with proper cleaning and maintenance.

Pitch It Correctly

Like any structure, from coliseums to preschools, mega mansions to mobile homes, there are limits to the amount of weight and wind load they can safely bear.

Destination Tents have not been engineered for snow and wind loads, so installing your structure according to our instructions is imperative.

The fabric cover of your tent should be stretched and attached with the specified hardware at all the proper points to minimize “wind whip”. Wind whip (excessive fabric movement) can cause the framework of the structure to become misshapen and unsound, and can cause wear and tear on the fabric. Follow our instructions carefully and make sure all of the details are correct on the final installation – this is especially important if a self-proclaimed “expert” helps you pitch your tent.

Always ensure your tent is properly anchored and battened down if you leave your structure for any length of time. And if you don’t intend to visit your tent for a long period, consider taking it down and storing it in a completely dry and ventilated area away from rodents.

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Keep It Clean

With constant exposure to dust and precipitation, canvas structures with cotton content tend to develop a natural patina. But if mold and mildew spores exist in the soil or plant life where you pitch your tent, they can cause mildew growth on your fabric.

Although all of our fabrics are treated for mildew retardancy, they are not warrantied against the development of mildew. Therefore, it is important to generally keep your tent fabric clean, because excessive dirt and moisture can create an environment prone to mildew.

Importance of Site Selection

The best way to prevent or reduce the spread of mildew is to select a site where your fabric will have the opportunity to thoroughly dry as often as possible. If mildew begins to develop, it is important to treat and clean your fabric it as soon as possible.

Some Suggested Cleaning Agents:

These items can be purchased many places, but we recommend Gold Eagle.

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