Tipi Cover & Liner

Tipi Cover Details

Fabric – We offer two fabric choices: 13 ounce or 15 ounce Sunforger. Both are densely woven 100% cotton army duck fabric with or without flame retardant treatment. The two ply fabrics treated for water, UV resistance and mildew retardance. Treatments are odorless, clean finishes. All tipi fabrics are strong and breathable. The 15 ounce Sunforger is unmatched in strength and quality, and we are proud to be the exclusive provider of the flame resistant option of this fabric.

Main Seams – Double stitched and lapped for water run-off.

Buffalo Hide Reinforcement – Top grain buffalo hide rubbed with beeswax is used to reinforce high stress areas. It is sewn around the lifting tongue, the Cheyenne extensions and completely around the door opening. The lacing pin holes below the door are sewn into a solid strip of buffalo hide as well.

Fitted Gores – An exclusive feature of Earthworks Tipis. The gores are two long, wedge-shaped pieces sewn between the body of the tipi and the smoke flaps. They give the top of the tipi fullness so that the canvas wraps snuggly around the cluster of poles without wrinkling.

Lifting Tongue – The lifting tongue of the cover is tied to the last pole you raise on the tipi. This high stress area has a panel of canvas and hidden vinyl reinforcing to distribute stress over a larger area and double buffalo hide to prevent tearing.

Smoke Flaps – The bottom edges of the smoke flaps extend to cover the opening above the lacing pins. The smoke flaps can also be adjusted to enhance the draw for an open fire. Smoke flap poles fit into sturdy, reinforced pole pockets at the top of the flaps.

Lacing Pin Holes – Heavily stitched and reinforced. In high stress areas, we sew them through buffalo hide and additional tear resistant fabric.

Exterior Ties – Made of heavy weight cotton. This includes corner smoke flap loops, ties above the lacing pin holes and door hold downs.

Door Opening – A 51 inch tall, egg-shape, edged with buffalo hide to prevent wear. Rigged with six door cover hold-down loops.

Door Cover – Can tie shut from inside or outside. When shut, two horizontal ribs secure it and give it rigidity. It can also be rolled up and tied open. For ease of use, tie one side and swing the door cover open from the other side. Every Earthworks Tipi Package comes with a door cover.

Hem and Loops – Two inch webbing is sewn around the hem of each tipi. One inch nylon loops are inserted every 30 inches to stake the tipi.

The Tipi Liner

A liner is an interior cloth wall that insulates and controls airflow in the tipi. In cool or hot weather a liner is essential. A properly pitched tipi cover is staked a few inches off the ground. The liner hangs from the inside of the poles and extends onto the ground, sealing the bottom of the lodge. Cool outside air is drawn under the cover and channels up through the smoke flaps, taking the smoke out with it. The liner also helps prevent condensation and is sometimes called a “dew cloth”. The tipi liner may be painted before it is hung. Liner details include:

  • Fabrics – The liner is made of 10 ounce per square yard Sunforger, 100% cotton army duck, marine boatshrunk fabric. It is water and mildew repellent and can be purchased with our without flame retardant treatment.
  • Sizes – A six foot liner is available for all tipi sizes, and is included in our tipi packages. A nine foot liner is available as an upgrade on tipis (teepees) larger than 18′.
  • Panels – The liners are constructed in three overlapping sections which tie together. Very large tipis may have four panels. They are sized to fit snugly and provide a double inner door.
  • Ties and Rope – All ties are heavy weight and feature flat-felled vertical seams. Rope is provided for tying the liner to the poles.

Caring for your Earthworks Tipi


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