Standard Features

There’s Nothing Standard About Our Features

Nearly all of our yurt customers do extensive research before they decide on a Colorado Yurt. The generous bundle of standard features included on every Colorado Yurt is frequently their deciding factor. These are some of the standard yurt features they like best.

  • We offer Yurts in 5 sizes (16′, 20′, 24′, 27′ and 30′)
  • Our perimeter wall height is 7’2”, creating an unequaled interior space
  • Our half view doors are a residential standard 6’8” by 3’, meeting ADA specs and building codes
  • An aluminum threshold on all entry doors
  • Three windows instead of two, with a choice of window sizes
  • Heavy duty zippers on all windows for tight closure
  • Easy snap system for rolling up window covers
  • All window flaps can convert to window awnings
  • An exclusive fabric wall to door connection for a rock solid seal and fit
  • A rain cricket (rain diverter) over every door
  • An exclusive wall to roof lacing system
  • Heavy duty reinforcement at the bottom where the yurt wall fabric attaches to the platform
  • Smooth, sanded rafter corners to prevent wear and tear on fabric
  • A handcrafted Doug fir compression ring that is 3″ thick and 5′ wide
  • A 5′ wide dome with 6 connection points for a weather tight fit


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